About our cattle

We raise Gelbvieh and Balancer (Gelbvieh x Angus) cattle. Gelbvieh are known for their meat, mothering ability, and docility. Our cattle are stress free and used to roaming the pastures and enjoying the good life.

Our cattle are born and raised on the ranch, so you know where your beef comes from and how it was raised from birth. We are BQA certified, which means we keep detailed records on each animal detailing any medications they may have been given should they develop an injury or illness, noting all withdrawal requirements for the medications they may receive.

Our steers are grain fed for a minimum of 4 months and the average weight at processing will be 1250 pounds. We do not give growth hormones or antibiotics, our cattle are allowed to grow naturally.

Animal protein is usually of high quality, containing all nine essential amino acids needed for the growth and maintenance of your body. Meat is one of the most complete dietary sources of protein, its amino acid profile is almost identical to that of your own muscles. For this reason, eating meat may be of benefit after surgery and for recovering athletes. In combination with strength exercise, it also helps maintain and build muscle mass.

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